Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics
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by Anne Cutler and Rudolph McShane
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What is Trachtenberg Speed Math?
  • Trachtenberg Speed Math (TSM) is a software program based on Professor Jakow Trachtenberg's system of simple methods to perform high speed mathematics.
  • TSM is an interactive, speed math learning tool that allows you to quickly learn Trachtenberg's system.
  • The simple methods were invented by this brilliant Russian engineer while imprisoned in the Nazi death camps during World War II.
  • Because Trachtenberg did not have much paper to write on in prison, he invented methods based on mental calculations.
  • Children extremely weak in mathematics displayed genius-like mathematical abilities after learning the system.

Who was Trachtenberg?
  • The late Professor Jakow Trachtenberg was the founder of the Mathematical Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • He was a Russian, born in Odessa on 17 June 1888 and studied engineering.
  • While still in his early twenties, he became Chief Engineer with 11,000 men under his supervision.
  • After the Czar of Russia was overthrown, he escaped to Germany where he became very critical of Hitler. He was later imprisoned.
  • Most fellow prisoners around him gave up hope and died even before being sent to their death. He realized that if he wanted to stay alive, he had to occupy his mind with something else rather than focus on the hopeless conditions surrounding them. He set his mind on developing methods to perform speed mathematics.
  • With the help of his wife, he escaped from prison and fled to Switzerland.
  • There, he taught his speed math system to young children. It was very successful.

How does Trachtenberg Speed Math help?
  • As a person practises and learns the speed math system, he becomes very good at basic math.
  • His/her mental abilities are exercised through practice.
  • Powerful visualization skills are developed since much of the steps involved in mental calculations are seen in the mind.
  • The person's ability to concentrate as a whole becomes very strong.
  • His/her overall capabilities in all OTHER areas improve.
  • He/she becomes confident which is a very key factor in becoming successful in life.
  • Trachtenberg Speed Math software is the tool that makes this happen!

What do I learn?
  • You start off with refining skills in basic multiplication, basic division, basic addition, basic subtraction, etc. Then you learn:
  • Speed addition: you never need to add beyond 11 as you calculate down a column of numbers. You learn to add starting from any column unlike traditional addition.
  • Speed multiplication: you learn 3 methods for mentally multiplying huge numbers: for example: 425974315 x 57493.
  • Speed division: divide large numbers by large numbers.
  • Squares: learn to mentally square 2-digit numbers. Square 3-digit numbers by using little written working.
  • Square roots: calculate square roots of up to 8-digit numbers.
  • The best of all: you learn how to visualize all this in your mind. You develop powerful concentration. This is the key to all success.

Why should I buy it?
  • If you are weak in math skills, Trachtenberg Speed Math software will help you develop the foundation for all math skills.
  • If you are already strong in math, you'll GET STRONGER!
  • You get to practice hundreds of thousands of math problems with no limit whatsoever. Practice makes perfect!
  • You'll perform high speed mental calculations. You'll find yourself becoming more confident. You'll even begin to enjoy math if you don't already. No money can buy that!
  • After seeing how neat Trachtenberg's system is, you may begin to develop the ability to simplify. You'll look for all kinds of neat ways to do everything else. You'll enjoy that. A new mindset! A new and more powerful you!
  • ...and for less than a quarter a day for a year is all that it'll cost you.

Shouldn't I buy the book instead?
  • Sure you can, that is, if you don't want the following benefits TSM software provides:
  • Unlimited number of questions to practice on
  • Completely worked out steps at every stage of solving the problem
  • Basic math practice using flash methods that help you learn subliminally/subconsciously
  • Set the problem's complexity levels according to your ability
  • Automated timers to time yourself. Track your best time automatically
  • Track your performance with TSM's customizable scoring system
  • Everything the book teaches you and more!

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